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Maintaining Oral Hygiene on the Road

If you travel a lot for work, you know the struggle of trying to maintain appropriate hygiene. Especially while being confined to a small space for hours, even days on end. Even if you aren’t a trucker or a flight attendant, that occasional business trip or destination wedding may leave you wondering how to properly care for your teeth. It’s not easy when you’re thousands of miles from the comfort of your own bathroom sink. Fortunately, there are a few travel hygiene tips you can take into consideration.

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7-10 Surprising Ways to Fight Cavities at Home

Getting a cavity will likely happen at some point in everyone’s life. Cavities are tiny holes or openings that form on a decayed area of your tooth. They occur when bacteria builds up on your teeth and turns into plaque. The acids in plaque de-mineralize your enamel, which is made up of calcium and phosphate, thus causing the tooth to decay and form a cavity. There are three main types of cavities: those that occur on the smooth side of your teeth, fissure/pit cavities that form on the chewing surface, and root cavities that form on the roots. What can you do for cavity prevention?

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Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dentures are a very viable option for missing teeth that some may need at a point in their lives. Whether your teeth have gone missing due to tooth decay, old age, or an accident, dentures can really save the quality of your life. Having a missing tooth can greatly decrease a person’s confidence. Walking through life with little confidence often brings more depression and dullness. Many people go years living this way before committing to dentures because they worry about the cost. However, most dental insurances have a restorative coverage option. Let’s take a closer look at dental insurance for dentures.

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What is Denture Stabilization?

As people age or an accident occurs in their life, they may find they need dentures. Dentures make it possible for those with missing teeth to feel confident again. However, many people find dentures to be a nuisance because of the way it can move around in the person’s mouth, fall out when chewing difficult foods, or generally be uncomfortable. This is why denture stabilization has become an increasingly popular method of acquiring solid dentures.

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