When do I need an extraction

When Do I Need an Extraction?

Studies show that approximately 60% of all Americans experience some level of fear-related distress before a dental visit. Whether it is anxiety over their sub-par dental hygiene routine or a full-blown phobia of dental work, knowing what to expect and understanding the decision-making process can help to give patients a sense of control when they enter their local dentist’s office. Deciding if you need an extraction can add to that anxiety.

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How much flossing is too much?

How Much Flossing is Too Much?

The statistics show that the vast majority of Americans will never need this question answered. Less than 40% of us report that we floss daily. However, there is a small percentage of people that may be flossing too vigorously. Essentially, unless you can feel food stuck in your teeth, then you should only be flossing once a day. Plaque takes between 24 and 48 hours to form and harden, so flossing more than once in a 24 hour period is generally unnecessary.

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Healthy teeth and smile

How to Care for your Teeth as you Age

Aging is a side effect of living a long, full life. Even the most unpleasant effects are resultant of a gift that generations of human beings were never given. As a result, modern medicine is still working to fully understand the processes that our body goes through during our life cycle. In the meantime, we can use the common side effects of dental aging to prevent further complications with healthy teeth.

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Travel toothbrush in case

Maintaining Oral Hygiene on the Road

If you travel a lot for work, you know the struggle of trying to maintain appropriate hygiene. Especially while being confined to a small space for hours, even days on end. Even if you aren’t a trucker or a flight attendant, that occasional business trip or destination wedding may leave you wondering how to properly care for your teeth. It’s not easy when you’re thousands of miles from the comfort of your own bathroom sink. Fortunately, there are a few travel hygiene tips you can take into consideration.

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