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Dr. Kao utilizes Dental Implants in Los Angeles to provide patients with a tooth replacement option designed to look, feel and function like natural teeth. At our practice, Dr. Kao personally attends to each patient to help you regain dental health and lasting confidence when you are seeking dental implants in Los Angeles. As a highly qualified Periodontist, Dr. Kao specializes in the planning and precise placement of dental implants. To increase patient satisfaction, we implement a 5 Step Dental Implant Process to deliver better results.

“As a periodontist, I specialize in helping patients restore lasting health and excellent dental function. At my practice, patients are treated as friends and family. We carefully plan, prepare, place and complete Dental Implants in Los Angeles to help you experience dental health and lasting confidence.”

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fixtures that act as a new root for your new tooth replacements. They are made of titanium, a bio-compatible metal that is widely used in the medical field. They can be used to support a single tooth, a bridge or a denture. Teeth placed on dental implants look and feel natural.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a perfect viable option for patients seeking a more permanent means of replacing missing teeth through periodontics in Los Angeles. In the past, tooth replacement has been limited to bridges and dentures which offered many risks and drawbacks. Dental implants revolutionized the method of tooth replacement and offer a solid natural looking and feeling replacement for teeth. There are various advantages for dental implants including:

Improved Appearance:

Dental implants, unlike dentures, look and feel like natural teeth. Partial dentures will often not match the color of natural teeth. Additionally, Dr. Kao ensures the acrylic matches each individual patient's gums correctly. Dental implants do not require acrylic and are custom designed to match each patient’s individual teeth for a full, natural looking mouth. Dental implants will provide you with the confidence knowing your smile looks better than ever. To learn more about how dental implants can improve your appearance contact our periodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Kao.


Dental implants are custom built to be strong and have a durability upwards of twenty years when properly cared for. Dentures are very fragile and prone to breaking, dental implants however are built tough and have a strong base like your natural teeth.

Improved Health:

Dental implants are able to be cleaned just as you would clean your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not need to be removed to clean. Additionally, dental implants do not require that your natural teeth be reduced or ground down. Dental implants are placed in the jawbone offering a strong base and eliminating the need of natural teeth to be used as support for the missing tooth replacements. Dental implants also protect your natural teeth by preventing neighboring healthy and natural teeth from shifting and moving out of their natural position.

Easier and Tastier Eating:

Dentures are notoriously difficult to eat with. They require a great deal of practice and learning with in order to eat properly while wearing them. Dentures shift and slide quite often making eating extremely difficult and causing food particles to become trapped beneath the dentures. When food particles become trapped they can cause periodontal disease and increase the risk of hurting your healthy teeth and gums. One of the many benefits is the ability to eat comfortably as with your original teeth. Food cannot become trapped beneath your implants and implants do not hinder your eating experience. In fact, eating with dentures can damage the taste of your foods. If you have dentures along the upper set of your teeth they can block the taste buds on the roof of your mouth. Dental implants do not block the thousands of taste buds on the roof of your mouth allowing for you to experience the full taste of your foods. Additionally, dentures restrict the ability for you to have a healthy balanced diet by limiting the types of food you can eat.

Improved Speech and Self Esteem:

Dentures tend to slide around in the mouth causing eating as well as speaking to be extremely difficult. It can take months for people with dentures to learn to speak with them and even then speaking with dentures is very uncomfortable. Dental implants allow you to speak without the worries of your teeth slipping or sliding. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw where the teeth are placed upon meaning the base structure is as strong as your natural teeth allowing the most natural feel when you speak. By not having to worry about your teeth slipping when eating or speaking, you can gain the confidence to speak in front of others. Additionally, dentures restore your self-esteem by ensuring your teeth look, feel and perform just like natural healthy teeth.

Dr. Kao’s 5 Step Dental Implant Process

Dental implants are fused directly into the jawbone creating a strong and stable base for the custom created teeth to be placed upon. Dentures, bridges and artificial teeth will not slip or shift when paired with the dental implant technology. Dr. David Kao implements a 5 step dental implant process, providing his patients with a new healthy set of teeth.

Step 1. Oral Exam:

Dr. David Kao begins the process of dental implants in Los Angeles with an oral exam on his patients. An oral exam allows the doctor to understand your oral health, personal concerns and medical precautions.

Step 2. Dental Implant Treatment Planning:

In his second step of the dental implant process Dr. Kao creates a custom dental implant treatment plan for each individual patient in order to ensure the best possible results.

Step 3. Dental Implant Site Preparation:

In the third step of the dental implant process instituted by Dr. David Kao, the dental implant site is prepared. This is done to ensure proper placement of your dental implant(s) and to provide the best possible results to every individual patient.

Step 4. Dental Implant Placement

In step four, Dr. David Kao places the dental implants on the previously prepared locations. It's imperative to properly place the implants for optimal dental function that will reflect upon our patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

Step 5. Dental Implant Completion

In the final step the dental implant process is properly completed and monitored for lasting health & confidence.

Our practice specializes in restoring your dental health. During your first visit, Dr. Kao will personally discuss your specific concerns. Our patients complete a health questionnaire that not only covers your health history, but also provides us with a complete understanding of what you want to accomplish and a complete understanding of any fears you may have so we can make sure that your dental treatment is simply amazing.

Call our friendly staff at 213.250.7554 to schedule your appointment for dental implants in Los Angeles.

Dental Implant Referral

To make the referral process as easy as possible, we have developed a patient referral form that provides all necessary information to treat your patient based on your direction on one page.


To become a referring dentist, simply call our office at 213.250.7554. We will schedule a personal introduction with Dr. Kao at your convenience. If one of your patients has an urgent dental need, we can schedule an appointment today.

Los Angeles Dental Implant Services

Single Tooth Replacement:

Single tooth implants are perfect for patients missing one tooth or several teeth in various areas of the mouth. A single tooth implant is inserted by Dr. David Kao who surgically places an opening in the jawbone. Once an opening is prepared a crown made to look and feel like natural teeth is placed upon the implant.

Multiple Teeth Replacement:

Multiple teeth implants are perfect for several missing teeth. Cylindrical “screws” are placed into the gums and jawbone and allowed time to bond with your jaw. Replacement teeth or bridges are custom created and fitted for your mouth. These custom replacements are built to look, feel and function like real teeth and are placed upon the screws.

Full Arch Restoration Dental Implants in Los Angeles:

A full arch replacement and restoration is a perfect tooth replacement alternative for patients missing all of their teeth. Prior to the introduction of dental implants there was no permanent solution for missing all teeth. A full arch restoration is a permanent solution to replacing teeth that takes a custom made fixed bridge and places it upon dental implant anchors inserted into the jawbone. Once completed the full arch restoration implants look and function just like real teeth unlike dentures which can shift when eating and talking.

Teeth in a Day Dental Implants in Los Angeles:

Teeth in a day implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement method that offers patients brand new teeth implants in just one day. To learn more about teeth in day dental implants in Los Angeles give us a call at 213.250.7554.

All on 4 Dental Implants in Los Angeles:

All on 4 implants are a cost effective and graftless solution used to provide patients a full set of new teeth on the day of the surgery. All on 4 implants takes a custom set of teeth and places them upon four screws inserted into the jawbone.

Additional Dental Implant Services in Los Angeles
  • Dental Implant Replacement
  • Bone Grafting for Implant Site Preparation
  • Treatment of Gum Disease Around Existing Implants
  • Denture Stabilization
  • Dental Extractions

As a periodontist, Dr. Kao is an expert in placing dental implants and in optimizing the biology of the supporting structures of dental implants, the gum and bone. If you are looking for dental implants in Los Angeles, Dr. Kao’s qualification and attention to detail provide lasting dental excellence.

Denture Drawbacks

Prior to the advent of dental implants, dentures and bridges were used to replace teeth. Dentures and bridges provided patients a great means for replacing teeth but had many flaws. Dentures need to be replaced very often and require a great deal of upkeep. Modern Dental implants address the many drawbacks to these earlier methods of tooth replacement:

-Dentures are removable false teeth. Once considered as a standard method for replacing teeth, dentures are often paired with the use of dental implants for enhanced stabilization. Before the advent of dental implants, patients battled dentures that were loose or ill-fitting. This adversely affected their ability to chew. In addition, dentures could accelerate loss of jaw bone.

-Dental bridges were used to replace a smaller segment of missing teeth. Dental bridges were favored because they were fixed in the mouth. The drawback is the requirement to carve teeth adjacent to the space of missing teeth in order to install the bridge. And if not designed well, dental bridges can be an obstacle for proper oral hygiene. A common reason for failure is recurrent cavities on the teeth holding the bridge as a result of the patient being unable to properly brush or floss.

The life span of dental implants is potentially a lifetime. Dental Implants remain in your mouth and can be used to anchor single teeth, a bridge or dentures. Dental implant-based restorations are not prone to cavities, they preserve your bone, and allow maximum chewing function.

If you need a periodontist in Los Angeles for dental implants give Dr. Kao Los Angeles Periodontics a call at 213.250.7554

Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, can be very traumatic and alter the way you live out your everyday activities. Eating, drinking and talking can all become difficult tasks. In the past the only option to replace missing teeth was dentures. While dentures were a great means of replacing missing teeth, many drawbacks accompanied them. Dentures often slide and shift in the mouth when talking or eating, dentures are very fragile and they need to be replaced every few years. Dental implants revolutionized the way that missing teeth were replaced. With dental implants there is no need to grind down healthy teeth and dental implants can potentially last a lifetime and never need to be replaced when properly cared for. If you want dental implants and need a periodontist in Los Angeles call our Los Angeles periodontics office at 213.250.7554.