Fascinating Dental Facts About Our Mouths

We talk with it. We eat with it. And if we’re lucky, we smooch with it. But our mouths are more than just another functional part of our bodies; they’re an underrated treasure trove of fascinating processes. Let’s take a journey over the lips and past the gums to learn about some dental facts you may have never heard about.

Say What?

The average human spends 38 and-a-half days out of their lifetime brushing his or her teeth. Now that’s a commitment to enamel excellence!

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Periodontics vs. Dentistry

When you build a house, you don’t start with the roof, do you? If you answered yes, you should probably stop reading this now and attend to your pressing home repair conundrum. A smart contractor will tell you that every successful project begins with a strong foundation. The base of a statue, the ground floor of a skyscraper, the refried beans of a seven-layer dip – these are the bedrocks on which excellence can thrive.

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