Dental Implant Surgery

dental implant surgery

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Dental Implant Surgery

Dental problems can be no fun for anyone. Let alone any kind of dental surgery that may be needed. Dentists and periodontists can have a bad reputation, often being regarded as the least fun thing to do. Maybe it’s because the mouth is a fairly intimate and sensitive part of the body. People may be highly protective of their mouths because of this instinctual and innate fear. On the other hand, dentistry is needed to maintain a healthy oral hygiene and monitor one of the most important parts of your body.

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Children’s Gum Disease

children's gum disease

At such a young time in their lives most children worry more about what the tooth fairy will leave them for their loose baby teeth rather than maintaining healthy teeth. Even parents have been shown to have a more laissez faire approach to their children’s teeth because their adult teeth have not grown in yet, however, gum disease can still be a prevalent issue for all ages. According to the American Dental Association those under 18 with gum disease can add up to the estimated 50 percent of adults with the disease who have not been treated correctly.

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