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What Causes a “Gummy” Smile and Can You Fix it?

You know what they say, “You are never fully dressed without a smile!” So if you are insecure flashing those pearly whites, you may feel like you are missing something to make you as confident as you can be. For many years, patients have looked to correct their “gummy” smile with Dr. Kao in order to achieve a look that makes them confident. For more information on correcting a “gummy” smile with the expert periodontist in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Kao today.

What Causes a “Gummy” Smile?

There are a few different causes for a “gummy” smile. The first reason is related to the way that the upper jaw has developed. If the maxilla, more commonly known as the upper jaw, has developed in a way where it is fuller in the gum area, then it can result in a “gummy” smile. Another precursor is related to too much tissue in the upper jaw. This results in the teeth looking incorrect from the gum covering them up too much.

The last cause that is related to a “gummy” smile is related to the upper lip itself. If the muscle controlling it is overactive, then the upper lip can pull back more, which results in more of the gum tissue showing. All these causes are developmental causes and are not due to something you were doing wrong, but rather how your face formed. Many people deal with a gummy smile, and it is one of the most common aesthetic problems.

Can it be Fixed?

In short, yes, a “gummy” smile can be fixed. To get started on the process, it is important to first visit a professional for a proper diagnosis. From there, they can take an in depth look at your teeth, gums, and jaw to see what the cause is and which treatment options are available to achieve the desired result. There have been multiple major advancements in the field, and we live in a time that offers more solutions for a gummy smile than ever before. To speak with the expert periodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Kao, about the diagnosis process and appointments, contact the team today.

What are Your Treatment Options?

The diagnosis received from the experts will largely dictate which treatment option is best for you, and what the most effective route will be to achieve the smile you have always wanted. For more minor cases, a laser surgery option may be best for you. In this treatment option, Dr. Kao numbs the area before using the laser to re-contour the gum tissue. However, for more extreme cases, Dr. Kao may have to surgically sculpt the tissue and bone to achieve the desired result. Fortunately, the procedures should be completely painless since they both involve numbing the area. Additionally, any minor discomfort after the procedure can be treated with over-the-counter medication, and if the stitches are not dissolvable they can be removed after a week. However, it is important to note that there are more intensive treatment options for “gummy” smiles caused by incorrectly positioned teeth or a jawbone not developing quickly, so make sure to speak with Dr. Kao about what your treatment will involve.

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A smile is an outward extension of our inner joy, and no one should be self-conscious about showing his or her happiness. Unfortunately, many people feel insecure about their smile. Don’t let an insecurity that robs you of so much delight continue any longer! Contact Dr. Kao today to see what your options are, and how you can receive the smile that will make you more confident.