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What Are Your Options for a Missing Tooth?

If you have chipped or damaged a tooth beyond simple repair, replacing the missing component is an important next step to take. The process of replacing a missing tooth requires you to choose what kind of replacement should be used. Below, we’ve created a comprehensive list of replacement options for missing teeth and details about the benefits of each option. Find an exceptional doctor for dental implants in Los Angeles and get your radiant smile back when you contact Dr. Kao for your first consultation today!

Missing Tooth Replacement Options

The most natural and permanent option to replace any missing teeth is a dental implant. This treatment has been proven to be the best for both oral and overall health, and it has been an effective solution for patients who want to maintain a natural looking smile. For dental implants, your dentist will surgically insert a custom tooth replacement and seal it with a bond. This treatment does not require any damage to the jawbone or other healthy teeth, so it is considered the best and most practical solution. Single dental implants can be incredibly expensive since the process is customized and lengthy. However, this expense is generally concerned worthwhile since the implants are less expensive to maintain in the long run and require no excess dental attention than natural teeth after the procedure. If you need dental implants in Los Angeles, call Dr. Kao’s office today to schedule your first appointment.

Another option for tooth replacement is the all-on-four implant supported denture. With this treatment, patients are given a four arch lower denture that can be supported with just four implants instead of the six that are required for the upper denture procedure. This is a more affordable option that patients have, and the dentures can be easily removed for optimal cleaning. Eventually, this treatment may result in more expenses because of the required upkeep.

Patients can also choose an implant-supported fixed bridge to treat missing teeth. With this solution, multiple missing teeth can be treated as a group instead of individually, and the bridge can be flossed around and brushed like natural teeth. This is an optimal treatment for patients with missing teeth that are right alongside each other, as the bridge covers gaps of two or more teeth. The treatment is also beneficial for aesthetic purposes, as the area covered looks natural and beautiful. Fixed bridge implants can be sealed with cement or screwed into the gums, but either option is permanent and lasting. This is one of the more expensive options, as it is another form of dental implant, and takes longer to create custom pieces. However, it is easier to maintain than a denture option, so many patients considered the up-front expenses worthwhile.

Tooth-supported fixed bridges are also viable repair options, with the added benefit of being non-surgical. This is a draw for patients who do not want the expenses of a surgery and for those opposed to sitting through oral surgery. For this procedure, a bridge is created that consists of two crowns and the replacement tooth. The crowns act as the anchors for the replacement tooth, which sits on top of the clean gum. The look is very natural, and the procedure is permanent, as the crowns are bonded on top of the abutment teeth. This solution also offers natural cleaning steps such as brushing and flossing. The teeth can be composed of several materials for desired finish. This treatment is more expensive than a removable denture but lends a more natural look and feel for patients.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles

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