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Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dentures are a very viable option for missing teeth that some may need at a point in their lives. Whether your teeth have gone missing due to tooth decay, old age, or an accident, dentures can really save the quality of your life. Having a missing tooth can greatly decrease a person’s confidence. Walking through life with little confidence often brings more depression and dullness. Many people go years living this way before committing to dentures because they worry about the cost. However, most dental insurances have a restorative coverage option. Let’s take a closer look at dental insurance for dentures.

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Dental Insurance for Dentures

Whether or not dental insurance covers dentures depends fully on the type of insurance you have. The most important thing to look for when deciding on dental insurance for dentures is to see if the insurance includes “restorative coverage”. Restorative coverage will typically cover up to 50% of the cost. This means you pay the other 50% of the cost, plus whatever co-pay applies.

New Patients

If you’re just signing up for a new dental insurance company, they may have a waiting period before you can acquire dentures. This is because dentures are considered a non-emergency procedure and more aesthetically driven. This period may be anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the company’s policies. If you are specifically in search of a company that will provide dentures at an affordable cost, look into the ones that provide a substantial restorative coverage package. You may also want to search for insurance companies that gear their care toward the elderly, as they will likely have a good package that covers half or more of denture costs.

Saving Plans

Another way to pay for dentures is to look into discount dental plans. Many plans work directly with dental offices, so be sure to ask your dentist who they work with. These plans are there to help people with low incomes or special circumstances pay for certain procedures and care. This may come in the form of a price discount based on your income, or it may also give the option of a payment plan. A payment plan will give you the option to pay the dentures off over time at a cost that is convenient for you.

Medicaid & Basic Denture Costs

Medicaid, unfortunately, does not cover the cost of dentures. If you have Medicaid, you may want to consider switching to a different insurance company or sign up for a dental discount plan. Dentures typically cost around $2,500 and up. Most insurance companies will only cover about half of the cost of dentures because they are considered to be more of an aesthetic need.

If you don’t have the means to pay this much for dentures, you may want to look into a discount or saving plan that specifically works with people looking to get dental work. The great thing about these plans is that you don’t have to wait to get the funds you need. With some insurance companies, even if they provide some coverage, you’ll need to be insured by them for 6 months to a year before you can get denture coverage. Here’s a list of some dental plans that may be a viable option for you.

If you need or want dentures, but feel lost on how to finance them, be sure to ask your dental office about any plans they may offer. Give Dr. Kao a call today at 213-250-7554 to find out more about dental insurance for dentures.