Boosting Your Smile with Cosmetic Gum Sculpting

Attaining an ever so beautiful smile is vitally important not just for aesthetic purposes, but also on a very personal level, helping raise self-esteem and improve confidence. Some unlucky few, however, are born with uneven gums that rest too low or too high on the teeth, causing them difficulty to develop enough confidence to bravely shine those pearly whites as they otherwise could. Cosmetic gum surgery changes that.

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Fascinating Dental Facts About Our Mouths

We talk with it. We eat with it. And if we’re lucky, we smooch with it. But our mouths are more than just another functional part of our bodies; they’re an underrated treasure trove of fascinating processes. Let’s take a journey over the lips and past the gums to learn about some dental facts you may have never heard about.

Say What?

The average human spends 38 and-a-half days out of their lifetime brushing his or her teeth. Now that’s a commitment to enamel excellence!

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Periodontics vs. Dentistry

When you build a house, you don’t start with the roof, do you? If you answered yes, you should probably stop reading this now and attend to your pressing home repair conundrum. A smart contractor will tell you that every successful project begins with a strong foundation. The base of a statue, the ground floor of a skyscraper, the refried beans of a seven-layer dip – these are the bedrocks on which excellence can thrive.

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How Oral Health Problems serve as an Indicator for General Health

General Health

When was the last time you have had your teeth checked? If it has been years ago, when you last visited your dentist for a checkup, then it is high time that you should. You may have wondered if oral health is important to your general well-being. Let’s find out just how is our oral health problems are connected to our overall health.

The Mind and Mouth Connection

The condition of our oral health has a huge impact on our overall health. Just like different parts of the body, the mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria (good or bad) because of the moist and warm environment that’s just perfect for the proliferation of bacteria.

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